We are currently focusing on hosting online Single and Multi-Estate sales.

The online Estate Sale format is done auction style, allowing for items to be bid up. At a traditional Estate Sale, an item is priced and then discounted each day. Typically Estate Sales will run between 2 and 4 days. The online Estate Sale can run for a week or more! These are just a couple of examples of the advantages of holding an Estate Sale Online.

Other reasons an Online Estate Sale is a good fit for our clients:

  • Can be held at clients home or at our location
  • Keeps wear and tear to a minimum, Estate Sales can have 1000’s of visitors
  • Only winning bidders have access to your address and they are registered customers
  • Items, including heavy ones don’t need to be shifted throughout the house
  • If the Estate is small or partial
  • If the house is small and cramped
  • Parking or HOA issues
  • Keeping neighbors happy because their lawns were driven on or someone parked in front of their driveway, mailbox, trash pickup, etc…
  • The ability to bring items from a sparsely populated area to an area with more potential buyers

If these examples fit your needs and you want to know more... Please...

You can also see our current and upcoming sales and also our past sales by clicking on these links: